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"The Process"

We spend a lot of time with prospective artists before they ever get “into the system”. We want to understand their artistic vision, get an idea of their support network, meet their families, and get comfortable with them as people as well as with them as an artist. We also look at their current live shows and fan base to evaluate not only their potential, but also the support they will need as they move though the process.

We then put the artist into the studio working with and for other artist in controlled situations. Singing background vocals, writing or at least contributing to new songs, and having them experience the process first hand. We want the artist to understand the level of performance we expect from all everyone, and hopefully, get them comfortable with the recording process.

We choose a single to give them their first experience taking a song from inspiration to the final recorded master. An artist will get support as they need it from writing or even touching up lyrics, to melodic choices in their performance. The artist also access to world-class session players that bring their songs to life, engineers who make sure the technical choices made during the recording process are the best for that artist, genre, etc. They’ll come away understanding each of the critical elements for making a good single; writing, recording, mixing, and mastering.

If the single has traction within the group and we believe the artist has potential in the industry, artistically or commercially, we most likely move to produce a short project, or EP. Anywhere from 4-6 songs, and this time, the process includes the elements that are required to produce a finished commercial product.


During this step, we’ll often experiment with different musical genres, sounds, and styles to see where the artist really sounds best and where they feel the most comfortable. We’ll push them into directions they might not necessarily want to go or feel comfortable, testing artistic boundaries to really be sure we understand where they fit and where their real potential lies. Photo shoots and graphic design elements are added to the process, as well as involvement in the budget process, production/publishing contracts; with the end result being a commercially viable first project. This is also where the artists are charged with turning the work we have done into revenue for both themselves as well as Mercury Sauce.

If the artist excels at each of these stages, we enter into an agreement to produce a full-length project. While they are working their EP and continuing to develop their live performance skills, they will get their first real taste of interaction with talent managers, publicists and promoters. By the time we get to a finished full-length project, he/she should be a very well rounded young artist with at least some exposure to every element of the music business. And our goal is to have them “label-ready” when those opportunities present themselves. We also want to develop relationships that will last the duration of the artist career. A first artistic home where they will always come back to for inspiration and advice. His process takes years, there are no guarantees of success, and not everyone makes it through the process. But if they do, they’ll be part of our musical family for life, have a catalog of music they can be proud of, and get to pursue their dream in the process.

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