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Stero was born in Leeds, England and immigrated to the Bronx, New York as a youth. From the early days, his passion for music was observed and he was inspired by the sounds of Musical Youth, Dennis Brown, Gregory Issacs, and of course, Bob Marley. Young Stero also had many family members who were musically active, "Whether vocally or instrumentally, my cousins and uncles were a big part of my musical foundation."

Stero began his musical journey by performing at block parties and jams sponsored by PAL, honing his lyrical skills by engaging in freestyle rap battles with all comers.

MC’s such as Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, EPMD, and Sound System Culture influenced Stero. Listening to the latest Stone Love cassettes, Metro Media, Bodyguard and Afrique, he desperately wanted to MC. Upon moving to Colorado in 1996, he linked up with liked minded bredrin and began to play a number of sound systems, including Progressive Movements, Askel 45, and Trenchtown Fire Department.

It was in this arena where he was scouted and recruited by the Sonic Shamanistic Alchemists (Heavyweight Dub Champion). He appeared on their release, "Survival Guide to the End of Time" and continues to tour with them worldwide. He also has since joined a side project, "Liberation Movement," and tours as they impress crowds around the country.

In addition to his performance schedule, Stero-Lion has hosted two radio shows, 1190 am Rasta Experience and 99.5 fm Reggae on the Mountain.

Now, with the release of his first solo project, "Lion Paw", everyone is confident he is on the path to big tings.

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