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Mercury Sauce

Mercury Sauce is a company dedicated to and passionate about writing songs and the production of musical projects. Founded my multi-platinum selling songwriter/producer Nathan Reid, the company continues to support both superstars as well as young talent on the rise in the music industry.

Our two divisions, publishing and production, reflect our commitment to both the craft of songwriting as well as the investment in its’ delivery to the marketplace.

Publishing harnesses the power of a partnership between innovative young writers and veteran writers/producers. That partnership creates songs with lyrical integrity, strong melodies, and dynamic musical foundations. Our pursuit is great songs that have a contemporary sound without sacrificing the classic elements that contribute to a song’s longevity.

Our production department puts our ideas into context. Our facilities are a blend of old school analog gear with the best of digital technology. But regardless of what anyone tells you, it’s not about the gear; it’s about the people. Our fresh faces keep us young and our not so fresh veterans keep them on the path.

In 2004, we began to work with young artists in a development role to assist them in their preparation for major label releases. Our Artist Development Program reverts back to old school approaches of allowing an artist to build their repertoire and master their craft under the direct supervision of those professionals without the immediate scrutiny of today’s ever-visible marketplace.

Our successes include a Top 50 in season 7 and a rumored Top 40 in Season 11 of American Idol, a dozen releases and a production schedule that will keep us busy for years to come.

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